A Business Traveler’s Guide To New York City


Did you know that New York is the most popular business travel destination in the world?

Sooner or later you’ll find yourself in the Big Apple for work, and when you arrive, you’ll want to look like you know what you’re doing—even if you don’t. It’s a way of life for New Yorkers. Before you depart, read our guide to make the most out of your New York business trip.


  • Founded by Dutch settlers in 1624 and was called New Amsterdam 
  • Served as U.S. capital from 1785-1790
  • Made up of five boroughs: Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island
  • Largest U.S. city in terms of population, with more than 8,000,000 residents
  • More than 800 languages are spoken in the city

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

Location: Queens

Where to Go:

  • Shake Shack (Terminal 4): Yes, you can get Shake Shack at the airport.
  • Blue Smoke on the Road (Terminal 4): It’s just fun to say, isn’t it? You’ll find heavy food options as well as a full beer, wine, and cocktail menu.
  • Wingtips Lounge (Terminal 4): Even if you don’t have a membership, you can purchase a one-day pass (for up to four hours) to access this lounge to relax or finish up work before your flight.
How to Get to Manhattan

AirTrain + Subway
Cost: $7.75
Time: 50 minutes

Cost: $52 (Flat rate, tip not included)
Time: 50 minutes

Cost: $35+
Time: 50 minutes

LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

Location: Queens

Where to Go:

  • Biergarten: The name says it all. Brooklyn Brewery’s master brewer, Garrett Oliver, filled out the draft list with local favorites and craft beer staples.
  • Jabbrrbox: If you’re committed to working during your time at the airport (one of America's worst according to a study), these noise-canceling, one-pod workspaces are for you. Book a half-hour for $15.
  • La Chula: This little taqueria features a welcoming open setting and a full menu of drinks—margaritas, anyone?—and quality bites.
How to Get to Manhattan

Bus + Subway
Cost: $2.75
Time: 50-60 minutes

Cost: $35-$50
Time: 30 minutes

Cost: $40-$70
Time: 30 minutes

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

Location: Newark, NJ

Where to Go:

  • Belgian Beer Café: A beer haven before security in the B2 rotunda that features classic Belgian beer hall food staples such as cheese plates and fries.
  • CBGB: Punk goes to the airport? It’s an odd marriage but one that works for passengers who want to get a taste of a legendary locale.
  • d_parture spa: Unwind before or after your flight at one of the most comprehensive airport spas around. After all, EWR's reputation isn't the best. 
How to Get to Manhattan

AirTrain via NJ Transit
Cost: $12.50 
Time: 30 minutes

Cab or Rideshare
Cost: $50 or more
Time: 30 minutes or more (traffic dependent)

Express Bus Service
Cost: $17
Time: 30 minutes or more (traffic dependent)

Dos & Don’ts in New York

Dos & Don’ts in New York

Every city has its faux pas. Here are a few things to keep in mind to blend in with the locals.


  • Walk fast and stay streetside on the sidewalks. Spoiler alert: There are a lot of people in New York, and they all have places to go, including you! Walking closer to the street keeps entryways for businesses open. And don’t wait for the walk signal. If the coast is clear, cross! This keeps foot traffic moving. 
  • Let people leave the subway before you get on. This is common sense but a good reminder nonetheless. 
  • Ask for directions if you’re lost! New Yorkers aren’t as rude as they’re portrayed. If you’re polite, they’ll help you out and probably give some useful advice in the process. 



  • Tell your cabbie where you’re headed until after you close the door. If you want to go to Jersey, they can’t kick you out if you’re in the car. They can if you’re not. 
  • Stop in the middle of the sidewalk to look at your phone. The rest of the pedestrians will appreciate it, and you’ll appreciate not getting bumped into. 
  • Dwell in Time Square. It’s a tourist trap with high-priced, chain restaurants. New York is a great big city that deserves to be explored. 
Get Around Town: 5 Tips to Master the New York Subway System

Get Around Town: 5 Tips to Master the New York Subway System

You’re going to New York. The subway is your friend. Really, it is. Keep these tips in mind before you go through the turnstiles.

1. Download the New York Subway MTA Map. (iOS | Android)

Sure, the map is intimidating at first glance, but this app’s worth really resides in the transit planner. Plug in where you need to go, and it will give you directions on how to get there.



2. Buy a MetroCard and keep it.

Once you fill your MetroCard, you’ll find the initial higher cost worth it—you can skip waiting in line to buy single rides and slide from the subway to the bus on a free transfer. Keep your MetroCard, too, even when you leave New York! They’re good for about a year. 


3. Understand the directions, and express vs. local trains.

This is crucial: Uptown=North, Downtown=South. So, if you’re at a higher street (say, 44th) and need to head toward a lower street (28th), you would take a downtown train. Also, know if the express train makes your stop. If it does, hop on board. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to wait for the local train.


4. Be patient with the turnstiles.

Getting through the turnstile takes a certain level of touch. It’s not as obvious as it looks, and if you’re in a hurry, it may take a few extra swipes to pass. Be mindful of those around you if your first attempt is denied. Should a line build, politely let others through before you return. 


5. Don’t rely on the speaker.

This is perhaps the most crucial bit of advice. Trains alone are loud, and the subway speakers aren’t exactly Bose. Needless to say, it’s best to know not just where you’re going, but how many stops you need to pass to get there. Also, commit to memory the two stops before yours. That way when you hear the Peanuts adult voice, you will know whether or not you’re in the right place.

New York, New York: Your Musical Guide To The Big Apple

New York, New York: Your Musical Guide To The Big Apple

No matter what your musical preferences are, you’ll likely find a genre-defining artist from New York, from the Ramones and Talking Heads to Jay Z and Nas. Hit play on Spotify and let these acts soundtrack your trip.

The Best Ways To Sneak A Workout In New York

The Best Ways To Sneak A Workout In New York

Traveling and working out can go together. It just takes a little more effort and dedication. You’ll be rewarded if you follow these suggestions.

Download a fitness app.

There are several “seven-minute” workout apps. Most offer fairly comprehensive free versions, so you can find one that works for you. But you can’t go wrong with the Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App. It features 22 preset workouts, ranging from easy to advanced, and videos to guide you along. You can turn your hotel room into your personal fitness center, or, better yet, find some green space in Central Park to mix in some exercise. 


Invest in a Planet Fitness Black Card.

Regardless of whether you use Planet Fitness as your preferred gym, there are Planet Fitnesses everywhere: 11 in Manhattan alone. The Black Card grants you access to Planet Fitnesses nationwide while enjoying perks at each gym. 


Check out free community rowing at Pier 40.

This is admittedly a bit narrow, but if you want to get in a gruelling workout that’s unique to New York, head to Pier 40 for its free community rowing. You don’t need to be a crew veteran either. Beginners are welcome! The service is offered April through October. 


Little Red Lighthouse

Run the Hudson River Greenway.

With 12.9 miles of paved trail, the Hudson River Greenway gives runners views of the Manhattan skyline as well as some historical markers along the way. The famous Little Red Lighthouse in Fort Washington Park, in the shadow of the George Washington Bridge, provides a juxtaposition between the modern, bustling New York and its quieter past. 


Take free Courses at Athleta & LuLuLemon.

This is one of those “only in New York” things. You can combine a Manhattan shopping spree, should you get free for a few hours, with a workout at two of the leading athletic-wear retailers. Both Athleta and LuLuLemon offer free events like yoga, dance classes, and more. 

Take A Bleisure Day In New York

Take A Bleisure Day In New York

What exactly is bleisure travel? Many business travelers are adding an extra day to their itineraries for leisure: business + leisure = bleisure. This provides them with a balance of work and play while they’re on the road. If you have an opportunity to take a bleisure day in New York, here are some things to consider doing. 

Grab coffee at Shakespeare & Co. 

With nonstop bustling all around, just being in New York can be tiring. Coffee, therefore, is a must, and while there may be better cups of joe in Manhattan, Shakespeare & Co. offers a unique atmosphere. Enjoy your preferred morning beverage while exploring the bookstore’s collection. Have a title in mind but can’t find it? Shakespeare & Co.’s Espresso Book Machine technology produces books on-site (from a catalog of 7,000,000) in minutes. 


Central Park

Lounge in Central Park.

After you’ve stimulated your mind with literature and caffeine, mosey over to Central Park. And while there’s lots to do in perhaps the most iconic city park in the country, doing nothing is just fine, too. Find your own bench or spot in the grass and relax. Or, better yet, pack a picnic and people watch. 


Explore Governor’s Island.

Need to get away from Manhattan? Of course you do! Governor’s Island, located between Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, is something like a large adult playground with plenty of activities: biking trails, kayaking, mini golf, and walking tours. There’s also a hammock park to catch a few Zzzs. Ferries run all week starting at 10 a.m. from Manhattan and the island is open May to October. If you’d rather escape in the other direction, though, head to the next location...


Bronx Zoo tiger

Take In Little Italy & The Bronx Zoo.

If you’ve never walked through an Italian market, this is for you. Head to the Arthur Avenue Retail Market in the Bronx’s Little Italy neighborhood where you’ll find an American bazaar—food of all kinds, bakeries, cafes, and a wine shop. After you get your culinary fix, travel just over a mile to the Bronx Zoo, home to more than 650 species of animals. 


Eat Dinner at Keens Steakhouse.

Once you’ve enjoyed your adventures outside of midtown Manhattan, secure a table at Keens and travel in time—sort of. The famous steakhouse opened its doors in 1885 and much of its decor represents that history. Still, this is more than a tourist stop: It’s a staple of the ever-growing New York restaurant scene for a reason. 


End the day with laughs at the Comedy Cellar.

The simple setting—dimly-lit room, red brick background—highlights the beauty of the place: The comedians are there to crack jokes, and you’re there to laugh. Unwind in a true New York setting, and who knows? Maybe a famous guest will grab the mic, or you’ll catch an up-and-comer before they hit it big.

Best Rooftop Bars & Restaurants

Best Rooftop Bars & Restaurants

Well, there are a lot of these in a city that erupts from a small island. Each rooftop bar promises great drinks and even better views.

Broken Shaker

Inspired by the Miami original, Broken Shaker is part nightclub, part restaurant, all good time. On most nights, you’ll wait in a few lines, but the payoff is worth it, with reasonably priced food and cocktails that come from a wide variety of influences. TripAdvisor



Cantor Rooftop Garden Bar

If you’ve dreamed of enjoying a cocktail on top of one of the most famous museums on Earth, here’s your chance. You can access the Cantor Rooftop Garden Bar on the fifth floor of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, aka The Met. The space is open April to October, weather-permitting. Check out the sunset happy hour to catch views of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline in the gloaming. TripAdvisor


Monarch Rooftop Bar & Indoor Lounge

Step onto the Monarch’s outdoor terrace, and you’ll be greeted by a familiar face: the Empire State Building. Monarch is an upscale, trendy rooftop bar with the added advantage of having a glass-ceiling indoor lounge—it’s open year-round, even on rainy or snowy days. The Monarch takes reservations and hosts events, so there may be no better place to wow your clients. TripAdvisor  |  Open Table



Top of the Standard

Classically chic with an indoor and outdoor setting in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, Top of the Standard refers to the hotel underneath, but it also symbolizes the bar’s place among establishments. It is literally above standard. The 18th-floor restaurant and lounge features leather couches and fireplaces, while the rooftop offers views of the skyline on one side and the Hudson River on the other. TripAdvisor


Rooftop at Time Out Market

What’s the point in traveling to New York if you aren’t going to explore Brooklyn? The Rooftop at Time Out Market, in the Dumbo neighborhood, features a menu curated by award-winning chefs and a mix of cocktails and local craft brews. Oh, and the Brooklyn Bridge makes for a spectacular backdrop. TripAdvisor

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