Who We Are

Who We Are

More than 50% of all business travel is unmanaged.

And our customers like it that way.

Welcome to BusinessTravel.com,
the home of the road warrior, the small-business owner, the freelancer, the start-up employee, and anyone charged with booking business travel on their own.

Developed by experts with more than 100 years combined in the travel industry, BusinessTravel.com was designed specifically with the unmanaged business traveler in mind. Never again skip site to site to find the best deals or mix itineraries that invade your inbox.

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Lowest Rates Available

Book business hotels in business locations with the lowest rates available

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Convenient Bookings

Grab flights that fit in your schedule and benefit your loyalty programs

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The new home for business travelers.

BusinessTravel.com is the only booking engine on the internet designed specifically for business travelers, from novices to true road warriors.

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