14 Apps To Consider Before Your Next Business Trip

These 14 apps can make your next business trip a breeze, from helping you track expenses to making reservations at popular restaurants, and much more.


For Your Business Trip Published October 03, 2019   |   6 minute read




1. LoungeBuddy

The best way to get work done on the road is to find a comfortable setting. Business travelers can book airport lounge spaces through the LoungeBuddy app, or see which lounges they already have access to. One thing to note, though: This app only accepts American Express cards, although using it as a resource is free.

  • Availability: Apple
  • Cost: Free


2. Mobile Passport

A must for international business travelers, Mobile Passport helps you fly through customs at 26 American airports and three cruise docks. How does it work? You submit passport and declaration information via the app, and gain access to designated lines upon reentering the United States. It’s the best way to get a head start on fighting jet lag.

  • Availability: Apple | Android
  • Cost: Free | Mobile Passport Plus: $14.99/year


3. Transit

Business travelers who skip a car rental will find the free Transit app invaluable. Available in 11 countries and 104 cities across the United States, it provides public transportation information and suggested routes—i.e., bus to subway to walk—to users. Prefer a more active commute? The app shows nearby Indego bikes. Want options beyond public transportation? You can get wait-time estimates for Uber with Transit, as well.


4. Dark Sky

Popular Mechanic’s top-ranked weather app, Dark Sky separates itself from a crowded field with “hyperlocal” weather reports. You’ll get up-to-the-minute forecasts with sleek animations, so you’ll know exactly what to expect when you step off the plane or out of the hotel lobby.

  • Availability: Apple | Android
  • Cost: $3.99 on Apple (One-Time Purchase) | Free or $2.99/year (Premium) on Android





5. Pocket

If you’re the kind of person who likes to bookmark articles, videos, or podcasts to help you learn on the go, Pocket is the app for you. It organizes your selections into one easy-to-access place, creating your own personal library. The free option enables you to read/listen/watch, while premium (see pricing below) generates a permanent library and features functions such as text-search, suggested tags, and highlighting.

  • Availability: Apple | Android
  • Cost: Free | Premium: $4.99/month or $44.99/year


6. Grammarly

Let’s face it. Our emails on the road aren’t always as crisp as those we send from the office. Grammarly helps you eliminate typos and grammar mistakes. You’ll continue to write clear copy, even if the setting—a noisy airport or convention center—is less than ideal for doing so. Upgrading to premium nets you writing advice beyond simple corrections.

  • Availability: Apple | Android
  • Cost: Free | Premium: $139.95/year


7. Expensify

Expensify was made for the road warrior. Never lose track of a receipt again. Instead, snap a picture and automatically store the details of your purchases. Expensify also integrates with several accounting programs, most notably QuickBooks and Xero. There’s a reason it was named “The Best Business Travel App” by Business Insider.

  • Availability: Apple | Android
  • Cost: Free (Limited) | Subscriptions: Starting at $4.99/month


8. Microsoft Office Lens

No one likes a briefcase overstuffed with papers. Microsoft Office Lens alleviates that problem by converting physical documents into easily shareable PDFs. This will help you disseminate information quickly across your team, especially to those not present for any meetings.





9. HabitMinder

Here’s a scenario: You’ve set fitness goals but are worried that constant travel will make it difficult to hit them. HabitMinder is the perfect solution. This free app enables you to track three goals that range from exercises—walking, squats, stretching—to mental pursuits—meditation, sleeping more. Business travelers committed to staying fit on the road will find the subscription price, which allows you to track more than three goals, well worth it.

  • Availability: Apple
  • Cost: Free | Premium Subscription: $.99/month


10. OpenTable

There’s a reason OpenTable carries near-perfect ratings on Apple products (4.9/5) and Google Play (4.8/5): It’s a seamless way to make reservations at popular restaurants, no matter where you are. For business travelers, you can set up a networking dinner, take clients or colleagues out, or enjoy a break from the stress of traveling.


11. Venmo

Venmo has made group outings a breeze. You can save time, and a headache for your server, by keeping your group’s purchases on one check, then sharing funds across the app. For a bonus, offer to pay the tab with your credit card. You’ll accrue more points for what are smaller purchases once you collect money through Venmo.





12. Unblock Me FREE

Unblock Me provides the entertainment of its modern counterparts without the bells and whistles. Exercise your brain as you try to free your block from its enclosure, by sliding other blocks around it. But careful: It’s tremendously addicting, and there are 4,200 puzzles. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


13. LibriVox

LibriVox is the product of a remarkable project. More than 50,000 audiobooks, including out-of-print works, are available to users for free, thanks to volunteers who selected, read, edited, and distributed the books. LibriVox is all-encompassing, featuring every conceivable genre and selections in more than 30 languages. Read those classics you may have skipped in high school or college, and do it without turning a single page.

  • Availability: Apple | Android
  • Cost: Free | Ad-Free: $2.99/year


14. TV Listings Plus

You arrive at your hotel for the evening. You have a channel listing for the television, but you don’t know what’s on the tube. Here’s where TV Listings Plus comes in: The app serves as an easy-to-read guide that adjusts for time zone and provider.

We’ll save you the drama: Yes, there’s an app for that. From finding and booking lounge space at the airport to tracking receipts with a photo, business travelers will be grateful they downloaded these apps before hitting the road.

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